February 10, 2006
A Tool Called Malice

Pandora or last.fm (me) should have a feature for this, - a genre of music good for writing documentation of test cycles. An autogenerated playlist pumped directly into the headphones to keep the brain alive and the fingers moving.

My current nominee is The Jam, the seminal mod/punk band that kick-started Paul Weller's career. The music and lyrics in combination form the perfect music for writing up test summaries.

The music is jaunty and jumpy, keeping your blood moving along. But then the lyrics are peppered with a biting and spitting cynicism that correlates nicely with failed test results and the bitterness of proposed workarounds. The occasionally romantic (for a girl, for old england) songs show hope for the positive tests.

A fine starting point is The Sound of the Jam, a 2003 compilation of the band's career, which ran from 1977 (with formation earlier) to 1982.

I owe JDU dearly for extolling the virtues of the band to me during our time together on the radio in the late 80s. I know I'd heard bits and pieces before he gave me my first taste (for free!), with a dessert of some Style Council (Weller's followup band, which took a softer tone to the bitterness), but with his encouragement and some well crafted mix tapes, the medicine has stuck for almost 20 years now (as evidenced by the second post referencing the Jam in a week). Thanks.

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Posted by esinclai at February 10, 2006 07:18 PM |

Oh Yeah! The Jam are so it for any sort of work accompaniment...I cannot tell how many times they saved me from the brink of insanity when evaluating entity-relationship diagrams to determine which tables to pull discrete info bits from! Also they're great for any sort of data integrity review & updates. One reason I think JDU tolerated me was because I owned Cafe Blue long before it was popular to do so. That's one problem I have with the Underground map of music history..The Jam should have been Paddington Station not the next stop up.

Posted by: J on February 10, 2006 09:36 PM
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