February 09, 2006
Watching the Campfire

37signals drops some more info on Campfire, as previously discussed.

From the list of v1.1 features (that is, things which aren't here yet), they have what sounds like a straightforward group chat application, good for small teams. Some of the 1.1s are a bit odd. For example, I can't see the 'Off the Record' flying in organizations concerned with full record keeping, but the sweet spot for that sort of thing (enterprises) isnot the market for Campfire directly. There is overlap - what if you're a design firm contracted to a BigCo; surely you'll be able to flag that feature on a per-room basis. Other bits in 1.1 sound quite good - an API regularly proves out in collaboration tools, especially chat tools (build alerts, bug notifications, etc).

The other post, about celebration of small wins, uses Campfire discussion as an example, and shows a nice collaborative fostering environment which can occur in RTC. Celebrate improvements and then discuss how better to improve next.

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