January 31, 2006
2006 Conferences

Around the end of the calendar year and into the beginning of the calendar year, we have discussions at work about conferences. As a rule these need to be planned early, which can be problematic for a lot of the 'hipper' conferences in new technologies (for whatever reason I never seem to get wind of them until the latter half of the year, which makes it hard to schedule from a project or budget basis). I've started building a list (actually, the original date of this entry in draft was a month ago!) of conferences and other get togethers I have spotted which I have at least a passing interest in, and they do still tend toward the front of the year.

My relationship with conferences is somewhat odd. I enjoy the opportunity to get out and encounter new ideas, new people and different aspects of technology. Often they don't directly impact my day to day work, though I think that can be part of the benefit - one I've offset by self-finding some attendances in previous years. .

Currently under consideration...

RecentChangesCamp (Feb 3-5, Portland)

This is next week. Unlikely at best! Looked interesting, as an open conference format discussion around wikis. Looks to focus on the community aspects of wiki tech and the positive aspects of changing the world. In PDX, which I like. Thanfully, some people I know will be on hand, and the output should be strong.

ETech 2006 (March 6-9, San Diego)

I've made it to ETech before, and they've been very interesting. This year looks no different in that regard, though they've nicely moved away from excess 'Make' hype and have a nice smattering of attention/collaboration/communication sessions. Certainly worth the shortlist, though time may be tricky.

SXSW 2006 (March 10-14, Austin TX)

Austin good. My only experience with SXSW is back in the early 90s when I caught a Caspar Brotzmann Massaker gig. The interactive conference is, consequently, new to me, but it looks like a good lineup. It seems rather public (blogging, web design) rather than more enterprise in focus, but there's enough there that such is hardly a definitive critique.

YAPC::NA (June 26-28, Chicago)

It's here in Chicago. It's deeply affordable. I'm there, barring surprises.

OSCon 2006 (Jul 24-28, Portland)

Again in PDX. Reports out of last year's in PDX were very positive (I was in town at the time but on holiday), and OSCon is always on my shortlist of interest. Had to decide this early, but usually inspiring. In some ways more technical than I deserve, but the output is still helpful.

WikiMania2006 (August 4-6 Boston):

Looks a bit too focused on the wikimedia stuff which is currently intellectually engaging but not practically engaging. I heard good things going into last year's though.

WikiSym2006 (Aug/Sept, Somewhere in Europe)

Along the lines of RCC, another open conference on wiki stuff. Distance makes it unlikely, esp as AZ and I are planning to be in .eu in May and then maybe early in the following year if we can swing it.

CSCW 2006 (November 4-8, Banff Alberta CA)

Two years ago I was able to attend 1.25 days of the CSCW week when the conference was here in Chicago. It was good, the proceedings were good. I would expect much the same, but Banff?!? In November? Surely that's the definition of an inclement workspace....

Any suggestions from the distracted masses? What conferences and get togethers am I missing for the coming year in the areas of collaboration and emerging tech?

And shouldn't I get one of those projects rolling to have a chance of speaking, rather than lurking, at a conference?

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Posted by esinclai at January 31, 2006 10:10 PM |

I know some people at Recent Changes Camp so I'm hoping for good trip reports.

I'll be at the Scholarship and Libraries in Transition Symposium March 10-11 in Ann Arbor - lots of focus on digitization of libraries (Google Books, arXiv, etc) and how that changes the academic library game. Free, registration required, good speakers what it looks like. http://lib.umich.edu/mdp/symposium/

Some time in April (date TBD) there will be a free open space library workshop in Ann Arbor at the AADL. Still working on details, but the general theme is "library 2.0" and I'm going to be organizing it as open space to maximize the chance something interesting will happen.

Have you thought about sticking all these dates into upcoming.org and creating a group (for yourself or for Vacuum) and seeing what happens?

ETech sounds like lots of fun, as usual.

Posted by: Edward Vielmetti on February 5, 2006 09:14 PM

ah, an upcoming.org group of interest - pls. join I'll do some data entry



Posted by: Edward Vielmetti on February 5, 2006 09:17 PM
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