January 20, 2006

Some linkbloggetry and catchup:

Lawrence "Ren" Weschler is joining the Chicago Humanities Festival staff, as Artistic Director. This is a nice mirroring of the Midwest -> New York procession we mused about after seeing the William Maxwell panel at CHF 2005. More on this, but it's fascinating to me that Maxwell, Shawn, Ross, Thurber and other notable New Yorker luminaries brought their midwestern sensibilities to New York and changed some of the literary landscape along the way.

The Newton Museum, mentioned in this space earlier, has been successfully sold, to Walter Smith, one of the creators of that platform. Nice to keep it in the family.

Gapers Block is featuring Bound Stems in their Transmission for this week. 75 Minutes featured them in their 15 Minutes offshoot a couple weeks back. Good stuff.

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