January 01, 2006

Last night AZ and I went out on our traditional New Year's Eve celebration (traditional these last few years, anyway). We get in the car and drive up to Evanston, where they have First Night Evanston, a citywide celebration with music, comedy, and fireworks.

At least, that is the ostensible reason for us to we go up there. What actually occurs is that AZ and I go to dinner at Trattoria Demi, an inexpensive and fast (but tasty!) italian cafe, and catch a movie. Last night we caught up with Peter Jackson and saw King Kong. There's nothing like a big ape and a brontosaurus stampede to really ring in the New Year!

The movie was, unsurprising once one's read the reviews, rather good. Some of the CGI is offputtingly obvious, but there are large bits of wonder too. AZ was a bit put off by the quantity of dino-content, but most boys-into-men will not feel the same way, I suspect.

And then home to hear the neighborhood's unsponsored fireworks.

Now the hard part comes - our planning for the next year is underway. Lists! Next Actions! Anyone hear biplanes?

Posted by esinclai at January 01, 2006 05:37 PM |

Memo to self: Order more wine that has "cotton candy on the nose."

Posted by: AZ on January 2, 2006 09:39 AM
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