September 25, 2005

Two things have slipped into my online-related media consumption over the past couple weeks....

One is 75 Minutes, an online 'CDs worth' radio show out of NYC (but produced by ex-Chicagoans). It's very Indie oriented, some punky influences. Very WLUW, if you will (and I think one of the producers did some time at that community station). It's available as a podcast, in particular one of the cool chapter-headed M4B variety.

The second new item into my consumption was from this weekend, in the form of The Scene, an online serial about file trading (AZ: "sounds boring. 'hey dude, check out these files!'"), but instead of large amounts of live action, much of the activity takes place across IRC and chat. But it's oddly engaging, if somewhat clumsily plotted (this is the criticism of one who's never plotted...). Available via all your favorite file distribution formats...

And in an offline world, AZ and I cracked open The Adventures of Pete & Pete - Season 1 this weekend. What a great show that was, both in capturing childhood and indie rock. Add in the creator's commentary, and you've got a great set to own and cherish.

Posted by esinclai at September 25, 2005 04:52 PM |

hey there, saw the post on technorati. Thanks for linking to the show.

You are indeed correct. I was the music director at WLUW for a year and hosted the local music show there for 3 years as well. Did a bucnh of other on air and production work prior to that as well at WLUW. Lyssa also did on air work at WLUW.

Anyways, thanks for the link.

Posted by: Mike (75 Minutes) on September 25, 2005 06:07 PM
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