August 25, 2005
Bar Camp Video, MMJ, and Chi

So there's a very cool barcamp video available now. Not just cool because it looked like an interesting time (even if I don't think it was him, it was odd to see what looked just like the back of Andrew's head... also nice to see some faces from conferences I've seen before in motion).

But it's particularly cool that they used the music of My Morning Jacket in the video. And that they appear to be on tour!

Now, the barcamp idea is a great one. And I think a decentralized bar camp would be aces. We should do one in Chicago. We'd need some space (Threadless? Imaginary Landscapes?) and connectivity. Doing a mass BarCamp with hookups to the others... yowza!

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Posted by esinclai at August 25, 2005 06:17 PM |

I watched that video too and enjoyed the My Morning Jacket soundtrack. I'd only just found out about MMJ from Pandora (on the "Frank Black Station"!), which I got an invite for about a month ago. Pandora also demo'd at BAR Camp. It's a weird world.

If you or anybody else wants a Pandora invite, I have around 20. Just ask.

Posted by: Matt on August 26, 2005 10:42 AM
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