July 29, 2005
QT7 vs Hinted MOV

Last year after the reboot 2004 conference, someone was kind enough to release a hinted movie of Ben Hamersley presenting on the Semantic Web being here now. I started watching it then, but it wasn't until this evening on a flight to Portland that I sat down to watch it end to end.

Imagine my shock when I discovered that Quicktime 7, nicely included in Tiger, munges the movie during playing. Instead of a nice window with Ben chatting along about the semantic web and his clean black-on-white (plus brown dog) slides playing alongside, I get a tiny window of Ben with a vast white space next to it. Each slide change flashes, but to actually read the slide one has to pause the slideshow.

Curiously, it works when I play it via the web. Go figure.

Recovering how to do this may be helpful for the nascent podcast the chipy meetings thoughts...

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