June 04, 2005

Reading Ole Eichorn's ruminations on the Apple + Intel rumors raised some crazed thoughts and recollections. What if what the Steve is announcing some sort of a breakout box of sorts to improve Virtual PC like performance? Would that count as a big deal for Intel? Would it make sense? Everyone I've spoken to who uses the VPC solutions complains of the speed, but if you could firewall your Windows experience into a cheap coprocessor (with some well designed security).... It's crazy insane!

All this brings to mind the old Orange Micro coprocessor cards - run DOS on your Apple! Or the old Z80 cards for the Apple ][ so you could tap the power of CP/M and Wordstar? Man, my father was deeply committed to one for his writing and research, in combo with the old 80 column card, and it was a wrenching conversion for him when he got his Leading Edge PC....

Truly, I'm in the 'not likely, unless its only some kinda device' school. But what device?

Update: This seems to be getting more confirmation. Nervousmaking.....

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