May 25, 2005
Honeypot Trends in a Small Ecosystem

Per Thomas Stromberg, who admins a bunch of systems on the same campus at which I used to work:

Honeypot Trends in a Small Ecosystem:
Overall, I see at least an intrusion attempt every two days, and probably one intrusion every 10 days. Most intrusions are just annoying worms, but every month something more exciting comes around. I find honeypot’s to be a very good way to discover misbehaving machines on a network, and would recommend it to anyone who has the time.

Holy cow! an intrusion every 10 days? And his environment is relatively closed...

Reminds me of what my friend Larry used to say on the rare occassion when one of his boxes would cracked or even show signs of the attempt (do you remember the early 90s?) - "Not enough homework".

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