November 23, 2004
CSCW Backchannel Logs

A yawp out into the ether, though not barbaric...

Did anyone capture the backchannel logs from CSCW 2004 that was here in Chicago a couple weeks ago? Subsequent to my truncated attendance I was able to keep track through the kind webloggery of several folks

As I recall, Patrick or someone, was going to gather up the backchannel logs into an archive... But I don't appear to have a good contact address. So... Anyone? Ideally they can be run through perplog and archived up somewhere stable... Much as, it may be worth pointing out, experiments with blog, wiki and irc from LISA 2004 have been.

Ideally a little more stable - the LISA links I have saved are not responding this morning... Which is a whole other chunk of the problem with electronic distributed resources, and part of the logic behind greypatterning the electronicLogBook...

Verb that camelcase!

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