October 07, 2004
Can't Stop Posting

When we were in London last month, one of the things AZ and I did was go to see the Pet Shop Boys accompanying that astounding work of Social Agitprop, Eisenstein's Battleship Potemkin.

It was a fine performance in the rain, and much enjoyed by us.

Prior to the performance, there was a nicely produced socialist history of Trafalgar, working backwards through the anti-war protests, the more anti-war protests, the union protests, the anti-poll-tax protests, all the way back to the first worker's protests in the 19th century on that site.

If I'm not mistaken, the same narrator is provides the measured tones in this amazingly well crafted piece of slightly-paranoid agitprop about the Project for the New American Century. I'd be interested to confirm this fact, if I could only find more information on the pre-Potemkin work...

(first heard this on Adam Curry's Daily Source Code the other day, but it's also been picked up by BoingBoing)

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