August 22, 2004
My Tabs

So Safari, man... It has the nice tabbed interface for browsing, but (unlike Opera) you lose the tabstate on shutdown (Saft probably fixes this, but that hasn't happened in my life yet...

Maybe after this next restart. I've put off the last mega-round of system updates, thinking I was just around the corner from doing my OSCon days 2 and 3 (rough notes are available, of course, but incomplete), but it's been weeks and it hasn't happened.

So a set of tabs to be logged lest I forget to finish reading them - other stuff is slowly being pulled together at my page. Integrating all this should be a fun project - add it ti 'the list'.

Tabs left open probably reflect a state of mind. So here goes, a peek into my own state of mind....

The above page. Well, I needed it here, didn't I? It's proving to be an interesting service, especially once I added the nutricious bookmarklet which Joe Blaylock pointed me to. Makes addition and tagging just a smidgen easier. The one drawback on is whether use of it violates information boundary policies - if I post a bookmark from work, am I leaking information?

MacFixit on 10.3.5 upgrades. I need to do the upgrade, just get it over with. But looking at my Software Update pane, I'm perplexed... I mean, how did I miss multiple iPhoto updates? Will upgrading expose some corruption in the state of SWUpdate's database? Didn't I install iLife 04 when I did my rebuild? That might explain why I had such slow reimport.....

SW Update Screenshot

Bruce Sterling: When Blobjects Rule The Earth. I like Bruce Sterling's speeches - ever since I first saw him at CFP in the mid/late 90s. I haven't finished this one, but should come back to it...

. Danny O'Brien is making headway on the LifeHacks project, slowly. Others are contributing. From here I seem to have added more tabs, including

  • C2 Wiki page on Logbooks. I do this, but have become entranced by the shareability (with my team lead and further flung colleagues) of using a weblog as the logbook. But now the web server's down after a powerdown weekend, and I've been overbooked on getting it fixed. So the text files languish. Clearly a risk in the AntiPattern of ElectronicLogBook.
  • C2 Wiki page on ProgrammersNotebook. Closely related to the above, indeed. Some good guidance on TODO handling.
  • Getting Things Done When You're Only a Grunt. Joel on Software oldie about how to manage your time and projects when you don't always own your time and projects.

Snowbooks : The London Scene. Out of print (and one previously unpublished) set of essays by Virginia Woolf on, of course, London. Anne and I head off for our next trip in just over two weeks. This will be purchased and reimported. Pesky VAT included.

Fifteen Restaurant : Reservations. While in London, I can't decide if we should try and go to Fifteen or not. I mean, I enjoy Jamie Oliver's show (simple food, briskly prepared with fun). But does the restaurant live up to the hype? Will we just be another tourist? And will we have time to go anyway, what with trying to hit Sissinghurst, et al.?

Saft. See above.

Graham School : Condo Board Members and Owners Forum. I should really attend this in October. The condo stuff takes up increasing amounts of time and complexity in my thinking. Indeed, one could argue that my preoccupation with it (on a subconscious level when I'm not thinking about it actively, disturbing my sleep...) has been a contributing factor to the lack of posts here. Oy.

Well Then. There it is. My tabs are closed. Time for the upgrade to begin!

NP: Helpless.mp3 from the album Exit/In, Nashville, TN 10/28/99 by Ryan Adams with Gillian Welch

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