June 18, 2004

A couple interesting wiki-related entries crossed my radar today....

The first is pointed from Ted Leung, Ben Hyde on Talent Scraping and Wiki's. It's a nice handle on some of the potential benefits to be gained by lightweight distributed knowledge development.

Ted comments that the work in the OSAF Wiki has been an uphill learning trend. As a regular reader of their Wiki, that does come across, but it's also improving and useful for those of us outside the hallways (virtual and physical). Not yet granularly addressable, but that's a common nit (including for this project still....)

In the meantime, SocialText has put out some PR and cool graphs about the successful use of their wiki/collab toolsets at Ziff-Davis Media. Interesting stuff, and pretty pictures never hurt. The challenge of getting daily email to zero is clearly the selling point, though even in a highly chat leverage organization we still do a large bit of email, or other heavyweight collab systems. Lightweight and distributed are still a tough sell, but SocialText is making headway, it would appear.

In my own life, my wiki use is internal and singleton in terms of users, not the best model.

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