March 16, 2004

OK, maybe not END TIMES, but this proposal to grant Congress an easy override of SCOTUS decisions is just.... weird.

While the language of the press release makes passing mention that deliberation of the political process should be open to the people as in the minds of the founders, this law seems to me to not address that - it basically says that if a law is to be passed (which is where the debate would happen, presumably) but is counter to the constitution as written and interpreted over time, then the SCOTUS has no power to actually declare it as such in any meaningful way.

Yes, the constitution can be modified, but with great and deep caution and deliberation. It's not a quick and dirty way to solve complex societal problems, but the document exists as a vibrant guideline for government's relationship to the citizenry.

The text of H.R. 3920 is available through my favorite Gingrich legacy,

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