October 23, 2003
Supporting, Actively and Passively

So this is the season of fund drives for several of the radio stations I listen to.... WLUW (Loyola's Campus Community station)was last month, WFHB (Bloomington/South-Central Indiana community radio )and WBEZ (our local NPR affiliate, and home of "Wait Wait" and "This American Life"....). So I've tapped myself out on who and how I can give money (and collect coffee mugs or TShirts!).

But MacInTouch, currently seeking better funding stability as I've mentioned before, has a nice passive way to give money. By purchasing your Panther upgrade (and you know you were planning to) via their Amazon partner link, you can get a nice cut. And if you don't need it ASAP, you can use the Free Shipping option.... Ric's posted links to both the Standard Version and the Family Pack.

OK, OK. I admit it. I'm happy to shill for good content!

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