October 11, 2003

Kevin Marks (et al.) have a nice little idea that I think is keen, and a great starting point.

As I've been doing some revisions to my thinking about collaboration, online/offline and ubiquitous, particularly as it relates to the conference space, this past week, this is one of the nuts that I have found hard to conceptualize cracking. Putting the guys in a face-to-face room setting (well, side-by-side, perhaps, if they were in chairs) seems to have come up with an interesting and valid option - broadcast information of use to those connected (via open protocols). Where currently there's a fair bit of advance work on the part of each attendee (saving off contact info, resources, trackback pages, etc etc), under this protocol only a small degree of work on the part of attendees to advertise their own interests and output can allow for ready access by all.

And presto, more power for all participants, more online and offline collaboration, and more pluses for all.

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