August 14, 2003
KN, Gestures, Dashboard

Over at the Digibarn, in the video section, is a 61MB download of the Knowledge Navigator video. The KN was one of Sculley's projects, as I recall, and one that appeared to have gone nowhere, or not far at least.

But I'm not so sure in rewatching the video for the first time in a long time. Several functions are apparently coming to fruition.

The intertwingly nature of the data is becoming more common in applications, at least bleeding edge applications and technologies. Take, for example, the "your colleague wrote..." chunk. That sounds very much to me like the Dashboard project (and when oh when will that be available on OSX?). And the way the lead creates a relationship between two images is with a gesture rather than a click, ala tools like Squeak and Spring brought together.

Still a long way to go. But some echoes of predictions that had already been around for a long time keep echoing forward into present day applications.

Of course, having several of these apps on my hard drive, underused..... I'll never save the rainforests at this rate!

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