March 16, 2003
Even more French things to give back

OK, if we're gonna do it, if we're gonna be small minded ahistorical people who rename foodstuff capriciously and contemplate bringing back the deceased buried in foreign lands, and declining to participate in any air shows held in Paris or otherwise in France,
we need to give a lot back.

I suspect we could resell the Louisiana Purchase and make a profit on the $15M we spent (well, depends on how seriously any prospective buyer would take the pollution, I suppose), we can ship back that big symbolic statue they keep in NYC, and we could even roll back our constitution to the years BEFORE the French loaned us the money to enable a successful revolution. If indeed we would have HAD a successful revolution without the funding (tainted as it was by anti-British fervor on lender and recipient) and philosophical grounding provided.

And the Christian Science Monitor has even provided a nice list of words for us to give back.

Time to write the congressperson...

Posted by esinclai at March 16, 2003 06:05 PM |

If I understand correctly, we'd have to rename the Grand Tetons too.

Posted by: mike on March 16, 2003 11:58 PM
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