March 13, 2003
Pardon My French

A few days ago while trawling for, well, something or other through Google, I came across a Top Ten List I wrote for Finley Breeze, one of the several Indie-List side projects.

In it I said I couldn't get the song Pardon My French by Band of Susans (on their album "Here Comes Success" out of my CD player. But over the years it had snuck out and onto the new CD shelves (more about audio storage for ES and AZ in a future missive).

Well I pulled it out this morning, and it seems to have gotten stuck again. Rolling beats, slashing and echoing guitars, pan effects, dire lyrics - great fun. It's poised to alarm my co-workers once more.

In a sign of the times I can now MP3 it into my portable, saving the laser of my drive for other things.

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