February 20, 2003
Data Domain ][

I wondered what became of the Data Domain in that last entry. Some sightings peeled out of Googling around.

  • John Lombardi (who was a member of the Apple User Group, a shaker at Indiana University, and has gone on to much bigger things) was editor of Data Domain's newsletter, according to his cv. Along with a number of academic works there in his site are some gems of Bloomingtonia, including this reminiscence about Mr Farmer, a neighbor from up the street when I was quite young. I always knew him as the guy with the Model A cars, but this provides much more - showing that a person lives neither in their CV, nor solely in the memory of a 6 year old.

  • This archival piece from Creative Computing (a whole other memory trip) mentions DD. It also dates itself WILDLY by referring to the success of the ComputerLand chain. Which is where you might go in Bloomington after Data Domain shut down and didn't have the time to get to Indianapolis where you could get it cheaper....

  • Back in 1998, Michael Swaine revealed he was once an employee of Data Domain, which was news to me, and nice to know. His summation of what those small vendors stood for is spot on.

  • Data Domain were also a SOL-20 dealer, according to this catalog (pdf) that should be a trip for computer users of a certain age (or, in my case, a smidgen younger. If one backs up a level, there's more on that beast (as well as where some of the matter in the site came from). I remember for a time they also sold the Franklin "Apple Compatible" and maybe some other vendors.

  • Aparently Ray Borrill, who owned Data Domain, sold one of his Apple I computers in 2000. A followup post on that same mailing list references that Ray was at that time in poor health. Some of that is clear from other web bits and bobs floating around.

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Ray Borrill now has his own website (called The Data Domain). It's in the beginning stages, but since Ray has so many good stories to tell, I am sure it will evolve into a gem. It can be found at:



Posted by: Andy Molloy on May 3, 2003 03:48 PM

Well, I'm alive, and kicking, if not too energeticly.
My website is in limbo and virrtually useless as is. I need help but can't afford to hire anyone so I'm looking for a volunteer like Andy Molloy. Indeed, Mike Swaine did work for me for a couple of years, and is still a good friend. Several other people who have made a name for themselves are also DD alumni. John Lombardi bought his first Apple II from us. For anyone who remembers, I quit smoking almost 14 years ago after 3 to 4 packs a day ssince I was 12 or 13. I just quit, cold turkey, and it was so easy no one believes me. The Narcolepsy/sCataplexy that plagued me has grown so much worse that I fall asleep constantly and fall down very often, which puts the screws to most outside activity. I also have severe RLS which may not kill me but will drive me nuts someday.
Keep checking the website. it will grow up one of these days.

Posted by: Ray Borrill on July 8, 2003 10:51 AM

Hi again, and please forgive the second post is as many hours, but I have to ask for a little more information. I got my first look at your efforts via Google.
How are we connected? Do I, or should I know you? I see by looking around Google that you are familiar with Bloomington. Did you know Mike Swaine as a student? I first met him when I was the Psych Dept. first computer systems engineer.
Please let me know whatever you can. I love mysteries, but only if they can be solved.
Ray Borrill

Posted by: Ray Borrill on July 8, 2003 12:18 PM

Ray Borrill's website for The Data Domain now sits at its own domain:


Posted by: Andy Molloy on August 13, 2003 06:22 PM
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