December 11, 2002
More Red Slams

One of my favorite occassional read weblogs, The Making of a Restaurant, takes on the "reviews as included in the Red Eye. Succinct yet detailed, their summation makes a good read - one which could (from some now foggy reads of the oh-so-slender publication) apply handily to their cultural coverage as well.

But my current beef about them? They produce a newsheet that is "designed" for a 20 minute L ride (meaning those of us who live in realer neighborhoods further from the loop are even more out of the target demo), they do nothing to encourage recycling of their disposable product. So I see the logo poking out in mass quantities of the trashcans when I get of the L each AM.

(now I consider changing this log's name to "The Making of a Grumpus")

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