September 06, 2002
Clean Lift

Jane Brody of the New York Times, in an unexpected front page appearance (in print, anyway - on the site it got ghettoized), reports (registration required, yadda) that a panel of the Institute of Medicine has recommended new exercise and dietary guidelines for Americans to be able to achieve proper health. Instead of 30 minutes of exercise daily, we should be getting one hour. New guidelines are provided for macro-nutrients, not just vitamins and minerals. Of course, in the scientific community, debate ensues...

The best part is that this report provides a handy business opportunity, or perhaps a fund-raising bonus for their parent organization the National Academies. The report is 1000 pages long. One Thousand.

So the report, if properly bound (hardcover, perhaps with a band to retain the cover shape while in use) can be used as a step in an aerobics class, or as a power-lifter's reading AND exercise matter ("spotter, please turn the page").

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