August 22, 2002
Recommended Training

This week, the local Perl Mongers group brought Damian Conway to speak and to do some training. I was fortunate enough to be able to get my workplace to spring to send some of us to training (Data Munging for myself, OO Perl for some of my more technically evolved co-workers).

And Damian did his Extreme Perl talk during the monthly meeting, which covers the selfGOL entry into the Obfuscated Perl contest. This entry plays the game of life, prints itself out, advertises itself and virally replicates itself to other code, all in under 1K and with no control statements.

If you get a chance to catch either of these options (the more serious training, or the more brain-confounding talk), do so. Damian's an entertaining speaker, and his talks further provide great chunks of knowledge.

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