August 12, 2002

Leonard Lin (of random($foo) has done a great job of putting together a number of recordings from OSCon. But today he (and daypop will attest) outdid himself, linking together the presentation and audio of the keynote on copyright, open source and social responsibility given by Lawrence Lessig.

I've mirrored (removed - bandwidth!) a copy for use by those I know, hoping to defray some of the load from Leonard (though I believe he's got a redirect to Creative Commons available now).

It's a great speech, inspiring enough to push me over to make my small (and long intended) donation to EFF a reality. it's 31 minutes, about 9MB download, and a good use of your time - you'll learn and think, honest.

Posted by esinclai at August 12, 2002 10:13 PM |

Cory from BoingBoing, Wired, and the EFF also has the pulpit this week in TidBITS on the RIAA invasive tech bills:

could the EFF be trying to start something here?

Posted by: Mike on August 13, 2002 04:57 AM

sorry make that the MPAA

Posted by: Mike on August 13, 2002 04:58 AM
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