August 08, 2002
Worlds Collide!

So I'm picking up my dry-cleaning today from our local establishment, and as it happens, I pick up the Reader as well. Well, what am I faced with, to my surprise, but the masthead below:

Yes folks, that's Dale Lawrence, of the Gizmos and of the Vulgar Boatmen. He's made a nice side-career to his songwriter-excellence as a writer - a book about travelling the byways of Indiana for High School basketball, for example.

And what is he writing about, but MashUps, or Bootlegs, or whatever the media wants to call them, including a citation of our friend Mark "ECC" Gunderson. Those wacky combination songs that can lead to praise or litigation (and in some cases both in proportion).

Too much of a small world, to be certain.

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