June 26, 2002
Obsessive or voyeuristic?

Wired pointed me to this site, mc.clintock.com, wherein a Chicago homeowner and artist/student has set out to document EVERYTHING (nearly, ok, maybe all caps wasn't required) in his house.

Impressive. Of couirse, there's no meta-data, so you have to know where to look (thus far). But keen, and fun, nonetheless.

It's reminiscent of the now defunct Three Acres in Houston site (wonder what happened to him), which documented the lot of a house in, obviously Houston - albeit with a more scientific and less artistic bent.

And there's CyberFlat in the Netherlands, though its more techic. And there was a site (Ice House?) that had fairly complete stats on the utilization of resources - down to barcoding every item that went into the refuse bin....

Posted by esinclai at June 26, 2002 09:48 PM |

don't fergit ye olde dotcomguy...

Posted by: mike on June 26, 2002 11:43 PM
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