June 17, 2002
Udell on Social Networks

There's what is readily becoming apparent as an appalling amount for me to read as I try to learn about social networks. I've been tuned into it a bit by Malcolm Gladwell and his writings (in the tipping point (which I admit I cheated and read in the New Yorker...) and other places), as well as some other pieces cited here like the work of Peter Morville.

But then I read a piece like Jon Udell's O'Reilly Network: Seeing and Tuning Social Networks at O'Reillynet, and his citations career me off further down the path....

I've complained before about too much to read, too much knowledge to digest. But it's that good kind of anxiety mixed with satiation, a good meal continuing.

Posted by esinclai at June 17, 2002 09:55 PM |

So, what did Udell say about social networks? Why did you like this piece so much? Please predigest for me; I have very important research of my own to do on the American handbag industry.

Posted by: Anne on June 18, 2002 03:21 PM
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