May 21, 2002
Freenet and Expiry of Content

Mike Dupont mentions again the concept that freenet has promoted of content expiration in a discussion on the Bootstrap list regarding about how best to manage projects.

Mike's concept, like freenet's, seems to be that old content can safely expire, where old content is determined by the lack of reference to information.

I need to get a better understanding of this, but I worry that it takes us too close into the realm that Eric Kristoff and I have discussed, where our new more accessible content may become our old, inaccessible and lost content.

In a bootstrap context, Bardini relied on old journals (online) of the Englebart group to reconstruct the processes and social network that was his research lab. But what if that information had expired in a freenet sense?

I may be a bit half-cocked here, so further reading is necessary. But I hate the idea of losing content, as Anne can tell you from harsh experience.

Posted by esinclai at May 21, 2002 07:28 AM |

so which books got carted off to the sto'?

Posted by: mike on May 21, 2002 06:17 PM
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