March 26, 2002
New Siteings

I cannot recommend my pal Mike's weblog enough. Suffice to say that while he commends my recommendation of Moveable Type (the software I'm using here), the great thoughts and writings are all his own.

I am chagrined that he says I'm dormant. See below for more on that tricky topic.

And while I'm praising, Mike's friend Ken Goldstein has a nice batch of thoughts.

And I can't recommend Anne's log highly enough either, so much so that merely saying "highly enough" is insufficient. I learn from it every post, and I live with her!

Posted by esinclai at March 26, 2002 12:22 PM |

hey! you moved!

Did I wake you?

Keep moving, or the cold will kill ya!

Anne's log is way cool, i concur.

Posted by: Mike on March 26, 2002 07:00 PM
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