June 15, 2006
Go Live

The computer world loves to use the catch phrase "go live" or, perhaps, "go-live." As in "Is the such-and-so site going to go live tomorrow?" or "Do you have a schedule for your go-live date?" I've always amused myself by pronouncing it "go live," as in "I'm going to go live (in Europe/in Ukranian Village/under the train tracks/etc.)." Unless you choose option C, "going to live" seems a lot more fun than "going live." At least right now.

For some time now there has been a B&W media blackout, for a variety of reasons, none of them particularly serious. It may be that I am just enjoying the freedom of not having a regular appointment with the computer (although garden updates will continue here). So until further notice, think of me as having gone to go live.

Posted at 02:22 PM