October 05, 2005
"Pop Culture Races Along"

It's not hard to smirk at the ever-snarky Pitchfork publication. But although I don't always agree with them I still enjoyed this review of Rhino's Whatever: The 90s Box Set:

How many of the tracks you're excited to see here did you actively despise when they were on your teenage radio? Not yet 30 and already so wistful! Pop culture races along, and here is the ambient sound of your teenage years; I have Big Head Todd like a sepia snapshot of me growing up in Colorado and hating Big Head Todd; do we just buy this now and put it in storage for when we retire?

In truth, I was looking for Nada Surf reviews. Like this one. Because suddenly I am a fan. Salon has a free download here.

Posted at October 05, 2005 08:54 PM