June 21, 2005
Everyone's Putting Moose* in Their Hair, and I Can't Even Find Any

Like an unwelcome blast from the past, the '80s live again with the return of LiveAid, or Live8, a megaconcert for a cause. The lineup isn't exactly groundbreaking, but no doubt it'll draw a crowd. I do remember watching the first concert on TV in 1985; it was a diversion during a long hot summer in which I had no job and nowhere to go (although I did teach myself to cook). I didn't realize John Wesley Harding wrote a song about the first concert, but this article points it out:

Well the powerful voice of pop music, solve the problems, feed the world
So what if there weren't any blacks involved there was Everything but the Girl
Bob Geldof has no ego that man should get the Nobel Prize
By the time he sang the solo on Feed the World
I thought he should be canonized...

*Not a typo. More like a joke.

Posted at June 21, 2005 08:30 PM