May 31, 2005
Nutshell, Part 2

Eric gives a nice description of our weekend in a nutshell. It's a shame all the fun has been blotted out, more or less, by the ridiculous accident we found ourselves in on the Skyway. Just wanted to expand on his description of the actual moment of impact:

1230: Leave Southern Annex, new plants provided from a friends garden safely tucked into the back seat.
1645:00: BAM! Rearended in backlogged traffic on Skyway bridge heading to toll booths. (Soundtrack: What the---)
1645:05 BAM! again. (Soundtrack: WHAT the---? Why are they hitting us twice?!) This was the scary part for me, as I figured once would be enough for most anyone.
1645:17 I finally manage to turn around and see the horrified faces of the people in the car behind us. The wife, in the passenger seat, has her face scrunched up in a grimace. She makes some hand gestures that indicate "stop" although by now it's too late. None of us are going anywhere.
16:46: Start to navigate lanes of stalled traffic coming off the bridge toward the final toll booth. A loud grinding noise tells us something is wrong. Hilariously, people in adjoining cars start yelling and pointing at the back of the car, as if it has escaped our notice that something is wrong.

The rest is all an extremely tedious navigation of insurance and police reports and so forth. Meanwhile, ow. While not in the least injured, I am stiff and sore today. Now I understand why people need whiplash collars...and airbags.

Posted at May 31, 2005 06:45 PM