September 28, 2004
Food in a Box

Wendy has been writing a book. Mazel tov, as we say, or would say if we were Jewish. She's also been experimenting with prepackaged meals, with mixed results. Oddly, about the same time I read an account in the UK Observer about a similar experiment with even less successful results:

What attracted me in the first place was the belief that it would make eating very simple, so I wouldn't have to waste time thinking about food. But the odd effect was that I actually thought about food for most of the day. Moreover, I seemed to invest far more emotion in it than usual - thrilled by a muffin, dejected by a fish.

The B&W elves are still a mite under the weather; posting will continue to be sparse for a while.

Posted at September 28, 2004 11:08 AM