May 13, 2004
Waits and William

I was in a Tom Waits* kind of mood** today, and by chance stumbled across this Marianne Faithfull article about her role in the just-revived Black Rider, written by everyone's underground hero, William Burroughs, and music by Waits:

I first read Burroughs when I was very young, and didn't understand it all. What I did understand - and continued to recognise in all his books, and through his life - was his incredible lyrical quality. His work is almost like poetry. That lyrical beauty really steps up to the parapet in The Black Rider. The rhymes are spell-like: "That's the way the rocket crashes, that's the way the whip lashes, that's the way the potato mashes."

*This site has TW lyrics with footnotes (e.g., "what is a creampuff?").

**Granted, it was more of a "The Piano Has Been Drinking" kind of mood than a Black Rider mood, but seems like any theater related to that song would have terrible Billy Joel overtones.

Posted at May 13, 2004 06:58 PM