March 17, 2004
Rescue Me

My search for the perfect shelter magazine continues. Has anyone seen a copy of this? It does not seem to be available on my newsstand, but otherwise it sounds promising:

As home dwellers, we have a song that plays over and over in our heads, "What More Can I Get?" We make a little more money, we buy a bigger house, or get more expensive appliances. We seem hard-pressed to be content, to love where we are right now. This issue of RESCUE wants to change that by extracting this emotion out of household topics that are relevant. To separate the important stuff from the style pie in the sky.

Only concern: in the online feature, the author seems to have interviewed the magazine's own editor as an "expert," which seems puzzling, as if they couldn't find anyone else to talk to. But perhaps it's just a quirk. I'll keep my eyes open for a copy.

Posted at March 17, 2004 08:03 PM