November 11, 2002
Food Rules and Work

Pluses about working from home:
1. Less compulsive e-mail checking.
2. More extended periods of concentration and thus a greater likelihood of getting things done.
3. Instead of 45-minute commutes to and from the office, I can substitute kitty bonding time and strolls around the neighborhood.

1. Neighbor across the street turns on mega-size TV in front of his/her front window at 3 p.m., making me want to go watch reruns instead of sitting at the computer.
2. Posture? What posture?
3. Irresistable urge to eat nothing but peanut butter all day long. This can't be healthy.

Yet anyone who has known me for a while is aware that arbitrary eating is a way of life in my household. For entertainment purposes only, I present a few of my arbitrary food rules:

1. No nuts in food, although I have nothing against nuts on an individual basis. I object most strenuously when nuts take up space in a baked good, space that could have been used by a chocolate chip. I also feel this way about raisins.
2. No cheese in food, although cheese is fine on its own.
3. I would prefer to avoid mayonnaise, pecan pie, and cauliflower in any combination or on their own.
4. Bananas should be slightly green and not bruised. If they are getting too sweet and speckled with brown, give them to Eric, who will let them turn black and then make banana bread out of them.
5. Speaking of banana bread, I would just as soon skip it. As I would all fruit breads. Fruit and bread are fine on their own, but in combination they makes me unhappy.
6. Please don't make me eat gourds. I just can't do it and will leave the room as a way to avoid it.

Surprisingly, then, I enjoyed reading about Poupou's chocolate peanut butter surprise recipe. Even though I don't really like...surprises. But with such great directions, you'll be laughing all the way to the food co-op.

Posted at November 11, 2002 05:18 PM

Arbitrary food rules are great.

Nuts are good, especially in fruit bread. And while raisins are OK on their own, they should definitely not take up any space in cookies, breads (fruit or unfruit), bread pudding, oatmeal, etc.

Cheese in some foods is very good. I love cheese in or on italian or mexican foods; like on pizza, or in lasagna, or in cheese enchiladas. Cheese is not so good when combined with meats, except for cheese burgers.

3,4,5&6 are all good rules, that I try to live my life by as well. Except I will eat pecan pie on those special holiday occassions - as long as there is no apple pie - but never pumpkin pie - I refuse to eat anything you can carve a face into.

I also refuse to eat anything that smells worse when cooked than when raw, like broccoli or cabbage. Smelly vegitable are definitely not good.

And I much prefer raw vegitable to cooked vegitables. In the south we tend to overcook our food, so the vegitables can get really mushy.

Posted by: Bob Dobalina on November 11, 2002 10:26 PM

No nuts in food that has chocolate in it! No nuts in chocolates, pies, cakes (although carrot cake with little nuts in the icing is not so bad...). The only things that go ok with chocolate (aside from more chocolate) are creamy soft centers made with some sort of chocolate paste (flavorings, such as rum, whiskey, cognac are good).

Well, peanut butter is ok, but it hasn't got any chocolate in it...

Posted by: pinax on November 12, 2002 12:42 AM

In the next election we should run "Creamy" peanut butter on one platform and "Crunchy" on another. There's an election Americans could get into.

Posted by: brian on November 12, 2002 10:10 AM
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