June 29, 2002
Summer in the City

It's a boiling hot weekend in Chicago, and people are keeping cool as best they can.

But there's still work to be done. As far as jobs go, I would not want to be:

a) one of those kids selling M&Ms on the street
b) one of the guys selling newspapers at Damen, Elston & Clybourn
c) the sad Ghirardelli's employee below, whose job it is to hand out coupons and wear a giant fiberglass hat shaped like an ice cream sundae.

Today it was off to the Lincoln Park Zoo. (Recommended: flamingos, monkeys, and seals!) Then a wander through Lincoln Park and a stop at this lovely fountain, whatever it is.

There has to be some universal symmetry in this picture. The statue with the fish; the guy with the shirt on his head. Note the graceful mirroring of the arm movements. It made me think of odalisques, which in turn led me here. (Also see "Bunny Bacchus.")

Posted at June 29, 2002 06:45 PM