June 17, 2002
From Russia, With Love

With Father's Day safely behind us, I guess it's now safe to admit that I was a litle stumped for gift ideas this year. I did a desultory search on "Father's Day Gift Ideas" and by far the most interesting thing I found was Sovietski.com--your source for Soviet/Russian uniforms, Tsarist-era paper money, and decorative weaponry.

Why not get dad a Soviet-era camping stove? (Pork and beans optional.) Or a Russian Army hat? My dad would be the coolest in the gated community with one of those, for sure. "My dad can beat up your dad...with his machete!"

Alas, he'd probably never make it through airport security with something like that.

I had to settle for buying golf shirts.

Posted at June 17, 2002 09:56 PM